NEWS : BlackBerry Launches new Direct Device Sales Program for Business Owners and IT Administrators



BlackBerry recently has announced a new BlackBerry smartphone initiative that allowing business owners and IT administrators looking for a cost-effective way to purchase unlocked BlackBerry devices in volume directly from BlackBerry’s Smartphone Business Sales Team.

At BlackBerry, it’s always been our goal to make mobility easier for businesses of all sizes. From our powerful BES12 platform to the recently-announced Good Secure EMM Suites, our entire product portfolio is designed around taking the headache out of mobile management and security. To that end, we’re happy to announce a new BlackBerry Smartphone Sales initiative.

Starting today, business owners and IT administrators looking for a cost-effective way to purchase and deploy unlocked BlackBerry devices in volume can now buy direct from our Smartphone Business Sales Team. All the latest BlackBerry Smartphones and accessories are on offer, and a dedicated account manager will help you find the phones you need while ensuring you benefit from volume purchasing and payment offers. Each purchase comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, one year of complimentary support, free shipping, and a thirty-day money back guarantee.

Currently, direct purchases are only available in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. If you’re looking for further details, be sure to check out the direct sales website for the contact form and more information.

Contact BlackBerry’s Smartphone Business Sales Team

APPs: New WhatsApp Update Removes Payment Info and Other Fixes


You won’t see the update in BlackBerry World. But when you head on over to BlackBerry Beta Zone, you’ll find that there’s a new update available for WhatsApp.

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APPs: Face10 v1.3.100 Update in BlackBerry World Now


Nemory just won’t stop!

Another update’s being rolled out for their Facebook client for BB10.

With this latest update, you’ll be able to set your own wallpapers in the app (great for even more customization in app, but I don’t personally fancy adding any fancy wallpapers to an already information-cluttered screen) but here’s the catch; you’ll need to upgrade your already purchased Face10 Pro Access to a Face10 Wallpapers Pro for an additional USD$0.72 (RM3).

Honestly, now I just feel cheated. I thought with the update, I’ll be able to at least try the wallpaper feature first, to see if the app would get any more lagging or at least just make things look nicer or messier with nice app wallpapers at the back.

But, in any case, there are additional benefits with the update;

  1. Issues with adding photos to comments now have been fixed.
  2. Notifications repeating after deletion have been fixed.
  3. Profile pictures not right? Fixed.
  4. Here’s a good one for those that haven’t or don’t want to upgrade to Pro; ads for LITE users have been removed and notifications can now also be removed.

Nemory also mentions that a phone restart will be needed to fix issues with Hub integration, so I’d advise all that have updated their devices with this update to restart right after.

In any case, it’s good to see that developers for BB10 are still actively seeking ways to improve their apps.

But if all new features need a buy-in, it just…doesn’t feel right.

I’m all for supporting the developer’s scene.

So, I suppose this is the only way to go (?). Hmm.

BBM: ASEAN Stickers Now Available



Looking for some asian feels in your BBM chats?

Look no further, the ASEAN Stickers BBM sticker pack is now available with a whole range of expressions!

Ranging from one of the most used expressions we ourselves use like “On the way” and “Good luck” to the most sincere of apologies with the “Sorry” expression, you’re sure to find something you can use with this sticker pack.

Best part is it’s free! So head on over to this link now to add it to your BBM Sticker pack collection!

Celebrate Love with Some Cute BBM Stickers!



Valentine’s Day is coming soon and, personally, I don’t believe in celebrating it, but I do believe in celebrating love! And these stickers are just too sweet to ignore!

Check out the free stickers here and get started with sharing that much more happiness with your loved ones!