HOWTO : Side Load Your BlackBerry10 With Android Apps (*.bar)

For those that have BlackBerry10  device and wanted to try sideload your *.bar files, we have set the instructions for you :

1. What you will need:

  1. A BlackBerry10 Z10 or Q10
  2. .net Framework 2.0 or above (version 4.5 available at
  3. Java JRE (available for 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows
  4. USB cable
  5. Access to a computer running Windows

2. Download APPS (*.bar files) :

There are tons of free Android apps that were packaged for the BlackBerry10 at GoodeReader.

Download the BAR file and put it on your Desktop (or wherever you like!).


3. Set your BlackBerry10 to Development Mode:

a) Click on settings.


b) Click on Security & Privacy


3) Click On Development Mode




4) Turn Development Mode to ON



4. Install the Installer

Next,  install “DDPB”. An apps to install the *.BAR files to your BlackBerry10

Download from : HERE

Once you download it, Install it to your PC.


5. Connecting the PlayBook to the computer

Plug in your BlackBerry10 to PC using the USB cable. If you have set the password to your BlackBerry10, password will be asked, enter same password.

a) Open up” DDPB” on your computer.  It will look like this.


b) Click On Scan to get your BlackBerry10 IP address, something like “”.  Then (If you set password to your Dev Alpha) your password below that.

c) Click “Connect” and you’ll see a message saying “Connecting”.


d) After about 5-10 seconds, your BlackBerry10 will be connected, and its information should be present.



6. Installing *.BAR files

a) In the DDPB window, click on “Add” or simply press “a” on your keyboard and you’ll see a window pop up.

b) Choose the *.bar file

c) You’ll see the *.bar show up in the main window.  All you have to do now is click it, and click “Install”.


d) You’ll the progress on the installation in a little window. It should take about 10-30 seconds.

e) If no errors, it will prompt DONE.

f) Now, check your BlackBerry10!  The app should have shown up on the main screen.


UPDATE : We are now have working Instagram BAR file, Download from : HERE