NEWS : A Suite and Tie Affair


John Chen speaking to a crowd of nearly 400 people.

On the 5th of May, John Chen was invited to the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce luncheon to speak about the turnaround strategy he has for the company.

Much was talked about from John Chen’s struggles with Blackberry’s morale, people’s perception towards the brand, and also about the future success of Blackberry.

Follow the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce Facebook page to check out the latest updates on Blackberry’s kampung and for pictures of the event. Or you can keep reading to have a sneak peek.

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NEWS : Cameron Vernest named as Managing Director for Devices and Carriers in Malaysia at BlackBerry



Cameron Vernest, previously the BlackBerry Managing director in Singapore and Philippines, is now named as Managing Director for Devices and Carriers in Malaysia at BlackBerry replacing Ben Quirin.

Being with BlackBerry for more than six years now, Prior to this, he was Head of Distribution Sales and Retail in Thailand. He has also held various roles in finance and commercial operations in Canada as well as Singapore.

As the Managing Director for Devices and Carriers in Malaysia at BlackBerry, Cameron Vernest is responsible for driving the growth and success of BlackBerry in Malaysian markets as well as building and cultivating BlackBerry’s relationships with various partners. He will be overseeing many various functional areas such as sales, marketing and operations, more specifically in how future devices and local carriers will be channeled through for Blackberry sales.

Cameron is a Certified Management Accountant and holds an M.B.A in Finance and Accounting from the Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree with Honors from the University of Guelph, Canada.

Cameron can be reached through his LinkedIn

NEWS : BlackBerry Leap Now Available in Malaysia – Pre-Order Now!!



Malaysian! Finally BlackBerry Leap arrived in Malaysia!

The BlackBerry Leap is an affordable all-touch smartphone in a modern and powerful design that is built for career builders and companies who value security and privacy when pushing their productivity to the next level.

Top features of BlackBerry Leap that drive security, productivity, communications and collaboration include:

  • Security to Maintain Privacy
  • Battery That Powers Through a Full Day – With up to 25 hours of heavy use*
  • Best-in-Class BlackBerry Keyboard
  • BlackBerry® 10 OS 10.3.1 which includes the BlackBerry® Blend, BlackBerry® Assistant, BlackBerry World and Amazon App Store

BlackBerry Leap can be pre-order in Malaysia through 11street (a joint venture between Celcom Axiata and SK Planet Ltd) starting 5th May, 2015 until 19th May 2015 at RM1089.00 (including 6% GST). Other authorized partners will be ranging BlackBerry Leap from 20 May, 2015

“We are excited to be working with 11Street and our other partners to bring BlackBerry Leap to Malaysia. It is a smartphone we believe will resonate well with our Malaysian customers. The latest addition to our BlackBerry 10 portfolio was built specifically for professionals who see their smartphone as a powerful and durable productivity tool, which also safeguards sensitive communications at all times,” said Cameron Vernest, Managing Director for Malaysia at BlackBerry.



Early birds will enjoy :

  • 11street shopping coupon worth RM150 with each confirmed pre-order purchase
  • BlackBerry premium cap and leather phone pouch provided free of charge to the first 100 pre-order buyers together with the device.   

BlackBerry Leap previously reported to be existed in SIRIM database.

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The Four Devices from Blackberry in 2015 (Luncheon with John Chen)

At the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce luncheon with Blackberry CEO, John Chen, great details on the past and future of our recovering mobile-phone company were discussed, prospecting growth not only in the mobile-tech market, but also in diversifying more into enhancing their software applications such as with the internet-of-things (IoT) in health care and vehicles.

After their lunch together, members of the floor gathered at the Bingemans –Marshall Hall and had an hour-long discussion with the CEO.

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NEWS : Now We’re Up Against Windows 10 and Blackberry’s New Generation of Apps

blackberry-app-world      amazon_app_store         Windows_logo_-_2012


The introduction of Blackberry OS 10.3 came with a slew of new features including Blackberry Blend to seamlessly continue with whatever you needed to do from your handheld to your laptop or desktop; Blackberry Assistant, to help with making calendar appointments on the fly just by using your voice; and of course, the arrival of the Amazon App Store.

Of course, the original BBOS 10 operating system was capable of emulating Android apps, but with the update, you can expand your app ecosystem with both Blackberry World for native Blackberry apps as well as with the Amazon App store for Android Apps.

But it seems like the new Windows 10 coming out sometime in summer this year will also be getting capabilities to support apps from Android and also iOS.

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